Palava is the biggest planned city near Mumbai, being developed Lodha Builders. Deepak Housing now promises you with your dream home in the dream city at a very affordable rate.

As the most influential actor Amitabh Bachchan endorses Palava as the “first citizen of Palava”, Deepak Housing won’t leave any stone unturned for its clients with the best choices in the dream city.

Deepak Housing assures its clients with the best space in the city of dreams-Palava. Palava is a place where businesses flourish, students dream bigger, and athletes go farther than ever before.

As Mumbai’s sister city, Palava isn’t just a new place to live, it’s a new way to live. Palava is a city with endless possibilities, built to help its people flourish.

So, Deepak Housing will now help you better to explore those possibilities by offering you with the best real estate investment opportunity.


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